Science on Your Doorstep

This year, we are launching a new series of events called Science on Your Doorstep which will showcase the scientists who live or work in the Headington area, home of our new Science Oxford Education Centre and the Wood Centre for Innovation at Stansfeld Park. You will be able to hear from eminent space experts, biologists and botanists who have Oxford-based careers in science and tech. It will be an opportunity to find out about all the cutting-edge research and ground-breaking projects that are happening right here in Oxford. Right on your doorstep.

As you know, we deliver inspiring science outreach activities for schools and train and supports teachers to present engaging science lessons at primary and secondary level. We also deliver a wide range of live science events for families and adults – and Science on Your Doorstep is the latest in that programme. Not only will we be celebrating some of the fantastic scientists who live and work locally, we’ll also be providing regular updates on how the Stansfeld Park project is progressing.

Our first Doorstep event will introduce you to our new Science Oxford Education Centre. Mike Dennis, our new centre manager and a local Headington resident, and Bridget Holligan, our director of Education and Engagement, will give a taste of the amazing indoor-outdoor experience schools and families will be able to enjoy when the centre opens in 2019. There also be information on some of Science Oxford’s other fantastic projects. It will be an engaging and interactive evening that will hopefully get the audience thinking, doing and talking science.

As Mike says: “Our new lecture series will be a taste of things to come in our new centre at Stansfeld Park. As an active Headington resident for more than thirty years, I know what a vibrant and engaged community this is and we’d very much like to get everyone involved.”

The series will kick off at 7.30pm Thursday 25th January 2016 at Wood Farm Primary School and events will be held every 8–10 weeks throughout the year. The lectures will be free to attend but you are invited to make a donation towards a special fund we’re setting up to support disadvantaged schools across the region. The Oxford Trust strives to put science and entrepreneurship at the heart of culture in our region so that everyone, irrespective of age or background, can develop their scientific and technological knowledge and understanding. The fund will help disadvantaged schools with their travel costs to enable them to come and enjoy the new Science Oxford Education Centre too.

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