Christina Schmalenbach, Office Manager

I joined The Oxford Trust in April 2019. As office manager I try to ensure that the team have what they need to do their jobs – office supplies, a functioning vehicle and a telephone number, insurance cover, new staff and volunteers, let alone coffee and biscuits. I came to The Trust from the international development and training sector and remain amazed what there is to learn in the world of science.

My job is varied, hence exciting since often not predictable; and I love working in a small organisation where most things get sorted through personal encounters and colleagues are used to lending a hand when extra help is needed.

I originally trained as an English and French language teacher and worked in the Occupied Palestinian Territories before moving to Oxford. Before joining The Oxford Trust, I worked for Oxfam, initially on the development of Oxfam Germany and then mainly as a coordinator supporting humanitarian work in East Asia and the Middle East.

Outside work, the fun part of my life is around doing lots of sports, hanging out with friends and family, and reading


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