Head-to-head with Helen Williams at Vitaccess

Vitaccess is a pioneering digital healthcare consultancy. In case you’re wondering, it’s pronounced ‘Vyte-access’.

The company has recently partnered with Melanoma UK to launch their first patient-centric app. Available to download for free, the app records patients’ real-time experiences and brings the melanoma community together to further knowledge and improve care. The app has recently taken social media by storm with patients queuing up to become “Melambassadors” and celebs, such as Piers Morgan, tweeting its launch to over six million followers!

Vitaccess has two main strands of work: MyRealWorldTM and consultancy. MyRealWorldTM uses digital technology to create a real-world evidence platform to quantify patients’ experience of a particular illness and the treatments that can be undertaken. This can be developed into a bespoke mobile app that tracks and quantifies a patient’s wellbeing and reduces the burden of illness that affects their daily lives. It can be used in any language, for any country, and gives real-time access to data.

The newly-developed Melanoma Digital Registry app is available on iOS/Android and is an intuitive and personalised app that helps patients to keep everything related to their condition to hand. Helen Williams, Vitaccess’s Director of Operations (top right), says “It’s great as users can track how they are feeling, access up-to-date treatment info, connect with people going through a similar experience and prepare for consultations with customised checklists for their doctor.”

She goes on to explain: “We co-create our apps with patients because we really want to produce something that they will want to use again and again.”

Vitaccess’s philanthropic business model means it has close partnerships with patient advocacy groups as well as specialist doctors and nurses, enabling patients’ voices to be heard, giving them an active role in improving care. The company is self-funded and reinvests profits from the consultancy side of the business to develop the digital platform.

Vitaccess was founded in 2014 by Dr Mark Larkin. He has a BA, MA and PhD from the University of Cambridge and lives near Geneva with his wife and three daughters. The company has offices in Switzerland but also set up a base in Oxford in The POD at OCFI in June of this year. Since then it has expanded and the team recently moved into their own office within the building. Vitaccess’ star is obviously in the ascendency as the company was shortlisted for Oxford Innovation’s “Stars of the Future” competition this autumn. With a base at OCFI, the teamis now fully immersed in Oxford’s science and tech network, which has given them access to investors and a pool of talented people.

What’s next? Well, Vitaccess has just announced a partnership with the Kidney Cancer Association and is currently in negotiation with several patient groups and pharmaceutical companies. The team would like to roll out MyRealWorldTM into new regions and they’re aiming to double their business in three years.  Helen says: “Oxford is a melting pot for what Vitaccess is doing and we envisage OCFI and the city remaining our home for a while yet.” Let’s hope so.

For more information, go to: www.vitaccess.com