Installation of our new sculpture at Stansfeld Park

Today we saw the installation of our specially-commissioned sculpture outside our new development at Stansfeld Park. The piece is to celebrate the 90thbirthdays of the Trust’s founders and patrons, Sir Martin and Lady Audrey Wood, and all they have done for science and innovation in Oxfordshire. You can read their story here.

The sculpture combines both personal and scientific elements. It has been designed in the shape of an ‘Ohm’ – the unit of electrical resistance – to represent Sir Martin’s link with the University of Oxford’s Physics Department where he first developed the superconducting magnets that are now used in MRI scanners across the globe. The Woods started Oxford Instruments, the University’s first spin-out company, to manufacture the superconducting magnets and floated the business in 1984. This enabled them to found The Oxford Trust in 1985. The two giant, glistening ‘rings’ represent the scanners and the partnership of Martin and Audrey and all that they’ve achieved together. Each of the giant rings is encircled with smaller 90 copper rings for their 90 years. The glistening stainless steel will reflect the sky above during the day and when you walk through the rings at night lights will illuminate the piece from underneath.

The sculpture was designed and made David Harber, an established local artist based south of Oxford. He is best known for his outdoor artworks which grace outdoors spaces and gardens all over the world. In 2016, David’s company was given The Queen’s Award for International Trade for outstanding overseas growth but he remains totally committed to British design and craftsmanship which evident in his workshops at Aston Upthorne.

It is a piece of public art that we hope will welcome visitors to Stansfeld Park and tell our story.