To improve access to science learning for all

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of the opening of the Science Oxford Centre and Wood Centre for Innovation, The Oxford Trust has launched the Accessing Science Fund specifically focused to give children and young people in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire who experience barriers to STEM engagement the opportunity to access science learning through our well-established and proven Science Oxford programmes. After a successful two year pilot programme, supported by the Edina Trust, our team really knows what makes the most impact on this cohort.

Partner with us to give more children and young people access to science learning. Every partnership donation will be match funded by The Oxford Trust up to £30,000 each year, doubling impact.

Partner with us

Through our Science Oxford programmes, we aim to cultivate a positive attitude to science and lay the foundations of science learning. We give children the opportunity to experience the excitement of investigation, exploration, experimentation, and discovery. We show young people that science can be cool, can lead to an amazing career, and can change lives.

We do this through school visits to our Science Oxford Centre, the UK’s first indoor-outdoor hands-on science centre for primary-aged children; by delivering STEM-focused workshops and shows in primary schools; and through our STEM Careers Programme of activities for young people in secondary education.

Our Science Oxford programmes already have a wide reach and impact across our region but we want our Accessing Science Fund to ensure many more children and young people have access to our STEM programmes.

Who will benefit from the fund?

The Fund will be used to support young people in schools and community groups across Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire who are less likely to have access to STEM activities and resources. We will support schools that have a high percentage of pupils eligible for free school meals and those that have specific barriers and challenges and community groups with fewer STEM opportunities, for example young carers, refugee family groups and groups working with those who experience socio-economic challenges.

Here are some examples of what the Accessing Science Fund could support:

  • £1000 pays for 90 primary school children (three classes) to attend a whole day school visit to the Science Oxford Centre
  • £2000 pays for five days of activities in a primary school from the Science Oxford outreach team for up to 1000 pupils
  • £3000 pays for six full STEM Career Days in a secondary school each suitable for up to 200 KS3 pupils (school years 7-9) and involves ambassadors from local STEM companies
  • £4000 pays for five bespoke community visit days to the Science Oxford Centre, including subsidised transport from the areas of the county where this is a barrier to access
  • The staff were great and the children had an amazing experience.

    Teacher on visit to the Science Oxford Centre

  • Having the chance to experience the woodland was new for some our children, which was very special.

    Teacher on visit to the Science Oxford Centre

  • The staff are absolutely fantastic. They just ‘get’ the kids and always pitch their talks and activities at just the right level.

    Teacher on visit to the Science Oxford Centre

  • Yesterday’s workshop was a very visual demonstration of how science can be made accessible, meaningful and purposeful to all

    Teacher on workshop in school

  • I felt that all parts of the experience were incredible and useful, and not only did I find them invaluable in improving my skills, knowledge, and awareness in all areas covered, but I found them enjoyable too.

    Year 12 student on the STEM Summer Experience

  • I’ve really got to admire how informative and engaging the day was. I’m not usually interested in science at all, and I was hooked the whole day.

    Young person, Community Day

Thank you to all our partners

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