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Five minutes with Huw Price, Managing Director of Curiosity Software

October 11, 2021

The latest science and tech business to join our innovation community is Curiosity Software, an expanding company on the make. We spoke to MD Huw Price about their innovative software and plans for growth.

“Poor requirements, silos, and a lack of alignment between stakeholders introduce many of the bugs that often devastate software releases” says Huw. This is where Curiosity Software comes in…. they’ve developed some cool tech to help teams, design, develop and deliver more reliable software through their test automation and modelling platforms. The company offers a variety of products created to accelerate and automate processes in software testing and development. These innovative products include Test Modeller, Test Data Automation and VIP, a fully connected DevOps Orchestration engine. Most recently, the company has developed an Open Testing Platform that acts as a collaboration hub for testing. Their aim is to cover the full range of scenarios that could occur in software production and the full range of possible workloads to validate both software performance and functionality. To support their platforms, they also publish a wide range of videos, guides and webinars to help companies through the testing process.

Founded in 2017, Curiosity is innovative in the testing space. As Huw says, “We have a team with strong mathematical backgrounds and the company is led by some of the most experienced software engineers in the business – and they’ve built some impressive algorithms”. Although it’s a crowded market, this is what makes Curiosity punch way above its weight. The company operates worldwide and has some big clients on their books, as well as a global network of trusted partners. Their main income is through software sales, but they also provide strategic consultancy when valuable to their customers.

Huw has 30 years of experience as a software inventor and is a serial entrepreneur. Curiosity’s genesis is from the development of several software businesses, the first one started by Huw in New York in the 80s. They now have a company of 24, five of which are based in Oxford. Huw’s vision is for Curiosity to “solve some of the harder problems within the software development lifecycle”. Currently, 50% of IT processes fail but he would like to see that figure considerably reduced. However, the company’s current focus is to extend their product and to build a bigger customer base. In five years’ time, Huw says, “we would like to be at the top table with Microsoft, Accenture and Micro Focus”. And the name? “Who isn’t curious?” says Huw.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had no real impact on their business, but Brexit definitely has. Curiosity moved their HQ to Dublin, Ireland, to ensure they had access to Europe and operated within EU contract law.

We’d like to give a warm welcome to Huw and the Curiosity team and hope they flourish in our Oxford Centre for Innovation.

To find out more about Curiosity Software, please visit their website.

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