OCFI’s Mirada Medical to form part of UK government’s AI in healthcare revolution

We’ve heard some exciting news from one of our OCFI companies. Mirada Medical, a leading international brand in medical imaging software, is part of a consortium that will receive £50m in new funding from the UK government to drive the adoption of AI in healthcare and the NHS.

Mirada has made huge in-roads into medical AI by developing the first Deep Learning applications for radiotherapy. Their software can help healthcare professionals use medical images more effectively to improve cancer care by diagnosing disease, assessing response to treatment, and planning radiation therapy or surgical intervention.

The company, run by Hugh Bettesworth (photographed above), will bring its expertise and experience to projects hosted by King’s College London and the University of Oxford – two of five centres funded through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund’s Data to early diagnosis and precision medicine initiative.

Mirada will also partner the London Medical Imaging & Artificial Intelligence Centre for Value-Based Healthcare,led by King’s College London,and will be working closely with Guys and St Thomas’s hospitals too, showinghow advanced medical imaging and Deep Learning technologies can be used to improve patient care.

The University of Oxford’s National Consortium of Intelligent Medical Imaging will also benefit from a partnership with Mirada, joining forces to investigate the role that AI and Deep Learning can play in diagnostic nuclear medicine. The company will be building on its established partnership with the Alliance Medical Group and the NHS PET scanning program, where Mirada software is already used to read more than half of the PET/CT scans in England & Wales.

It is hoped that these initiatives will improve the efficiency of cancer detection and diagnosis, leading to faster cancer treatment delivery, cost reductions for the NHS, and improved patient outcomes. And, what’s more, it will put the UK at the forefront of developing and applying new technologies to improve healthcare. It’s exciting that all this is happening under our roof at OCFI.