Our new benches designed by Rycotewood students have arrived at Stansfeld Park!

Our two new benches designed by Rycotewood Furrniture students have now arrived at Stansfeld Park. The hexagonal one will go around one of the trees for quiet contemplation in our woodland and we plan install the curved one to give the best view of our two main ponds.

Earlier this year the Trust commissioned first-year degree students at Rycotewood Furniture Oxford (part of Oxford City College) to design benches for our new site at Stansfeld Park. The students were briefed to create a bench inspired by ecology, a science eureka moment or something to do with the history of the Stansfeld site. The design had to take in to account all sorts of practical considerations such as being weather proof, the users – families, school, children and office workers – and that it was to be made from brimstone popular and green oak, supplied by our partners Vastern Timber UK.

Much of our new development at Stansfeld Park is wood clad from British poplar supplied by Vastern Timber. We wanted the benches to tie in with the building and Vastern Timber agreed to be involved in the design project and supply the materials. Thank you, Vastern.

The students produced some really stunning designs that demonstrated their creativity and practical thinking.  The designs were judged by our CEO Steve Burgess, Jude Eades (Director of Communications) and Tom Barnes from Vastern Timber. It was an almost impossible task to choose just two benches from the twenty plus put forward, but the winning designs were selected for their utilitarian style, durability and also whether they could be made from the materials supplied.

We are now looking forward to getting the benches installed in our woodland so that everyone who visits can sit and contemplate life on the winning designs!