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There are so many ways that individuals and businesses can get involved with The Oxford Trust to help us in our mission to encourage the pursuit of science and enterprise in our region.

You can become a founding partner and name one of the core elements of our new building at Stansfeld Park, fund one of our hands-on exhibits in the new education centre and the woodland, or even sponsor a seat in the theatre. We are looking for corporate partners at different levels to help us build a centre of excellence that Oxfordshire and the region can be proud of. You can work with us on our programmes too: we are looking for businesses to get involved with our STEM World of Work programme and to curate STEM-based workshops. And, there are loads of ways we can help you too.

Become a founding partner of Stansfeld Park

Certain core elements of our new Science Oxford Centre at Stansfeld Park have an option of permanent, or time-limited, naming rights after an individual founding partner or partner organisation. Options are the theatre, Learning Zone, Discovery Zone or the busy café and reception area.

Support the woodland at Stansfeld Park

Our new Science Oxford Centre is set in 15 acres of woodland complete with a variety of wildlife and badgers, foxes and deer. Go wild and help us to make this a very special outdoor learning space by supporting the maintenance of our ponds, sponsoring a tree or walkway or funding a new outdoor exhibit.

Sponsor a seat in our new theatre at Stansfeld Park

Buy a seat in our new 120-seat theatre and your logo will be seen every time we host a workshop, show or corporate event. A single seat is available for £750; five seats for £3500; and a row of 12 seats for £8000.


Sponsor one of our exhibits for our new Science Oxford Centre

Our new Science Oxford Centre will be centre of excellence for primary science education.  All our exhibits are specifically-designed for primary-aged children and are manufactured in the UK. You can sponsor one of 20 exhibits from a state of the art mobile planetarium for £50,000 to the exotically-named Tower of Brahma for £5000. In return, we offer partners a variety of benefits such as free school visits to our new centre for the school of your choice.

Work with us on our Science Oxford programmes

We are looking for businesses to get involved with our STEM World of Work programme to inspire secondary school students about a future in science and tech. And for those that are interested in working with primary schools, we would like local business to curate STEM-based workshops in our LiveLab in our new Science Oxford Centre.

We can help you too

Our partnerships with local companies are not just about helping to support our programmes. We can help you too. From employee volunteering in the centre as part of your CSR strategy and staff team-building days in the woodland to using the theatre for your corporate events. Our new development at Stansfeld Park provides a wealth of opportunities to work together on community involvement, public engagement, volunteering and schools partnerships.

If you are interested in getting involved with The Oxford Trust, please contact:
Paul Dryden
Director of Development

[email protected]
01865 810 019
07914 675235

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