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The Oxford Trust owns two innovation centres: The Oxford Centre for Innovation, right in the heart of Oxford, and The Wood Centre for Innovation in Headington’s Health and Life Sciences District, east of the city centre.

We help science and tech start-ups and spin-outs by providing reasonably-priced, flexible workspace from virtual offices and co-working right through to licenced and leased office space, R&D labs and technical workspace. We also offer flexible meeting and conference rooms and expert business support from our on-site Innovation Director.

Businesses that join us also become part of a thriving community of like-minded science and tech start-ups (see interviews with some of our businesses below) with events, networking and collaboration opportunities.

Set up by entrepreneurs Sir Martin and Lady Audrey Wood, the Trust has been running innovation centres in Oxford for 35 years. Our first innovation centre on Osney Mead was the first in the region and, in fact, the UK, and a catalyst for Oxfordshire’s ecosystem of innovation incubators and science parks that we see today. We have seen many businesses – like Navenio, Perspectum and Mirada Medical – flourish under our roof and we hope to see many more expand and grow.

If you want to find out more about our innovation centres, contact Oxford Innovation who run our centres on 01865 261400 or 01865 945 200.


The Trust supports local science and tech start-ups and spin-outs by providing cost effective, flexible office, technical workspace and R&D labs in our innovation centres as well as access to 1:1 business support. We also run an Escalator Support Programme for fledgling tech businesses.


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Oxford Centre for Innovation

Right in the heart of Oxford, next to Oxford Castle, The Oxford Centre for Innovation is home to 200+ entrepreneurs working in science and tech start-ups.

Wood Centre for Innovation

The Wood Centre for Innovation provides 20,000 sq-ft of office, R&D lab and technical workshop space for start-up and grow-on companies working in science and tech.

Five minutes with Mark Preston, CEO and co-founder of Prismea

November 18, 2020
If you work in a lab, you’ll be interested in our latest interview with Mark Preston, co-founder and CEO of...
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Five minutes with Tim Ballance, Lead Scientist at ColdQuanta

October 28, 2020
We spoke to Dr Tim Ballance, Lead Scientist at ColdQuanta UK, to find out more about the mind-boggling quantum technologies...
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Five minutes with Gerard Shields from PrintPool

October 14, 2020
We spent five minutes with Gerard Shields Founder and Director of Printpool Additive Manufacturing Ltd and Director Srishti Kadu to...
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Five minutes with Alex Greenhalgh at Spintex

August 6, 2020
We had five minutes with Alex Greenhalgh, CEO and co-founder of Spintex – a brilliant new business developing artificially spun...
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Interview with Wendy Tindsley, OI’s Innovation Director

July 21, 2020
We spoke to Wendy Tindsley, Innovation Director for Oxford Innovation (or OI), who provides business support for businesses in both...
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Five minutes with Mike Denis at Akrivia Health

July 13, 2020
We had five minutes with Akrivia Health – the latest company to join us at the Oxford Centre for Innovation....
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Five minutes with Jessica Dillon at the Social Tech Trust

March 2, 2020
We had five minutes with Jessica Dillon, Marketing and Communications Manager at the Social Tech Trust, one of our newest...
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Five minutes with Barbara Hammond at the Low Carbon Hub

February 3, 2020
We spoke to Barbara Hammond, founder and CEO of the Low Carbon Hub – a small social enterprise with big...
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Five minutes with Katie Bedborough at Oxford VR

January 22, 2020
We spent five minutes with Katie Bedborough, COO and CFO of new-kid-on-the-virtual-block, Oxford VR. Started in 2016, Oxford VR is...
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Five minutes with Ed Pentz from Crossref

November 25, 2019
We went head-to-head with Ed Pentz from Crossref, Executive Director of the ever-growing not-for-profit based at our Oxford Centre for...
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Five minutes with Jerome Declerk from Optellum

October 21, 2019
We spent five minutes with Jerome Declerk from Optellum to find out more about how they detect lung cancer in...
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Five minutes with Steven Chance at Oxford Brain Diagnostics

August 12, 2019
There are 850,000 people with dementia in the UK, with numbers set to rise to over 1 million by 2025. This will soar to...
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Five minutes with Sarah Haywood, Advanced Oxford’s MD

July 22, 2019
If you were looking to find someone to lead a new organisation with a vision to be the business voice...
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Five minutes with Andrew Luers at Habitat Energy

July 17, 2019
This week we interviewed Andrew Luers, Co-founder and CEO of Habitat Energy. Did you know we’re getting a green energy...
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Five minutes with José Maria Peña at Lurtis

June 21, 2019
One of our first residents at our new Wood Centre for Innovaton (WCFI) is Lurtis, a burgeoning AI company based...
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Head-to-head with Dr Chris Dore at Aether

March 19, 2018
It’s OCFI resident Aether’s tenth birthday this year. We met Founding Director Dr Chris Dore to find out more about...
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Head-to-head with Elspeth Briscoe at Learning with Experts

February 26, 2018
Learning with Experts is a new online learning platform for adults who want to upskill or learn something new. We...
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Head-to-head with Paul Finn at Oxford Drug Design

February 12, 2018
One of OCFI’s current residents – Oxford Drug Design – is at the forefront of research to find new antibiotics....
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Head-to-head with Oliver Gummery at Createc

January 29, 2018
Although a long way from its main office in Cumbria, Createc is one of the latest businesses to have moved...
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Five minutes with Steve Whitla at Visual Meaning

October 13, 2017
Steve Whitla is passionate about maps. He is the founder and CEO of Visual Meaning, a company that helps large...
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Head-to-head with Nathan Bentall from Radix 2

May 12, 2017
Like all good tech entrepreneurs Nathan Bentall started his company – Radix 2 Limited – in a garden shed. Fresh...
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