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Science Oxford in your School

Science Oxford creates and delivers a wide range of exciting science workshops and shows that enrich the science and technology curricula in primary schools across Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Shows include a look at Amazing Animals and an incredible Fire Show. In workshops, children can learn about joining forces or changing materials. From January 2022 schools will be able to book our new planetarium show in schools.

We also provide science outreach kits that can be booked for science clubs or classes. In addition, we run CPD (Continuing Professional Development) for primary teachers to inspire and improve teaching science, design and technology, and computing. To find out more, see here.

Investing in the next generation

The Trust is passionate about inspiring and investing in a new generation of science innovators. We know that primary-aged children who are encouraged to think critically and engage with the big ideas of science become more able to make informed decisions and flourish in our technological world. Independent research shows that by the age of ten many children will have already decided whether they are “into” science or not.

Oxfordshire is one of the UK’s most significant centres for science-based research and enterprise so investing in and supporting future generations is critical to maintaining the county’s position at the forefront of research and innovation.

Through our Science Oxford Centre and our education programmes, we aim to cultivate a positive attitude to science and lay the foundation for science learning. We give children the opportunity to experience the excitement of investigation, exploration, experimentation and discovery. We show them that science can be cool, can lead to an amazing career and can change lives.


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