Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Accessing Science Fund?

The Accessing Science Fund will give children who experience barriers to engagement the opportunity to access science learning through our well-established Science Oxford programmes. The Fund will be used to support young people in schools and community groups across Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire that are less likely to have access to STEM activities and resources. We will support schools that have a high percentage of pupils eligible for free school meals and specific barriers, such as those with additional needs and schools with specific challenges. Community groups will be identified as those who have fewer local STEM opportunities, for example young carers, refugee family groups and groups working with those who experience socio-economic challenges.

What region does it fund?

The fund will support children and young people across Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire to access science learning.

What projects does it fund?

The Accessing Science Fund will fund children who experience barriers to engagement to visit our Science Oxford Centre in Headington and pay for Science Oxford staff to deliver STEM activities to young people in primary schools across Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. This will include our STEM-focused workshops and shows, science kit loans for clubs and classes and CPD to support science teaching in primary schools. Our activities for secondary schools include STEM Skills Workshops and STEM Career Days for students in years 7 to 10. And, the Fund will support community groups visiting our Centre or delivery of activities in underserved communities.

How partnering with The Oxford Trust can benefit your business?

  • Positively promoting and connecting your business with young people in the local area
  • Contributing to your company’s social responsibility strategy
  • Supporting a new generation of STEM-skilled workers into employment in our region
  • Raising the profile of your organisation locally

We will send you a graphic for your website to show that you support The Oxford Trust’s Accessing Science Fund.

Who will manage the Accessing Science Fund?

The Accessing Science Fund will be managed by The Oxford Trust and delivered by members of the Science Oxford team who are experts in this area.

How will we report on funds used?

We will produce an annual impact report.



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