Our Strategy

The Oxford Trust set up the first innovation centre in the UK over thirty years ago and has helped build the foundations of the successful science economy we see in Oxfordshire today. We support this vibrant economy through our ongoing mission to encourage the pursuit of science and enterprise.

The Trust strives to place science and entrepreneurship at the heart of culture in our region so that everyone, irrespective of age or background, can develop their scientific and technological knowledge and understanding and science and tech companies can flourish and grow. We do this through delivering activities for three key objectives – our three E’s:

  • Enterprise
  • Education
  • Engagement

Our enterprise strategy
Our enterprise strategy is delivered directly by the Trust. We own the Oxford Centre for Innovation (OCFI) in central Oxford, which is home to 20 plus high-tech start-ups employing over 200 people. We have just opened the Wood Centre for Innovation (WCFI) at Stansfeld Park in Headington to provide much-needed additional office and networking space for science and tech start-ups in the Oxford region. Find out more about how the Trust helps start-ups in our leaflet, Accelerating GrowthThe Trust also aims to create and support projects that put science and enterprise at the heart of our region, including the annual Enterprise Awards, Venturefest Oxford, IF Oxford science & ideas festival, and more recently Advanced Oxford.

Our education and engagement strategy
Our education and engagement programmes are delivered by our Science Oxford team. Our aim is to switch young people on to science; to show that science can be can cool, can lead to an amazing career and can change lives. We do this by running an extensive outreach programme in schools that reaches of 13,000 young people every year. In September 2019, we will open our new Science Education Centre at Stansfeld Park. The centre will be the UK’s first integrated indoor-outdoor science education centre for primary and early years children and allow us to increase our reach and impact and inspire the next generation of scientists and innovators.

Our Innovative Business Model

We have a simple but effective sustainable business model. We own and run the Oxford Centre for Innovation (OCFI) and the Wood Centre for Innovation (WCFI), which support STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) enterprise by providing cost-effective, flexible office space for local science and tech start-ups. Income from this activity is reinvested to support activities of the science and innovation community in the region and Science Oxford’s science education and engagement programmes. The strength of this model is that it is self-sustaining and supports both ends of the science ecosystem, from inspiring young children about the wonders of science to helping science start-ups to develop and grow.

What sets us apart?

The Trust prides itself on:

  • Our people; we have a team of dedicated and experienced staff and Trustees whose skills cover a range of expertise in STEM, education, public engagement and in business.
  • Our independence and reputation; our organisation is entirely independent and has a reputation for being unbiased.
  • Our networks; whether it is business, education or public engagement, the Trust is well linked into local, regional, national and international networks.
  • Our partnerships; the Trust fully recognises that in order to deliver its mission mutually beneficial partnerships with other organisations must be built and supported.
  • Our organisational and financial stability; established in 1985, our organisation has demonstrated thirty years of stable and secure operation through strategic investments and long term planning.
  • We are nimble and innovative; we are a relatively small organisation, and have a track record of testing new ideas, developing high quality projects and delivering programmes that have real impact.

Starting a new chapter

The opening of our new science education centre and innovation centre at Stansfeld Park this year will be an exciting new chapter for the Trust and will enable us to increase our reach and impact across the region. We hope to engage more young people in science, inspire more teachers, and add capacity to Oxfordshire’s dynamic innovation ecosystem

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