Our programmes

The Trust’s mission is to encourage the pursuit of science and we run activities across three connected programmes to support this – innovation, education and public engagement. While the Trust focuses on the innovation strategy, our education and engagement programmes are delivered through our Science Oxford team. These are some of our current programmes and initiatives.


The Trust’s innovation programmes support local science and tech start-ups and spin-outs through our innovation centres as well as supporting projects that put enterprise at the heart of our region.

Our innovation centres

We own the Oxford Centre for Innovation in central Oxford and the Wood Centre for Innovation in Headington.

Barclays Eagle Lab

In partnership with The Oxford Trust, Barclays runs Eagle Labs with co-working space and business support at our Wood Centre for Innovation and Oxford Centre for Innovation.

Business support

All companies based in our innovation centres are eligible for business support from strategic business planning to advice on exit strategies.

Advanced Oxford

Supported in kind by the Trust, Advanced Oxford works to help the long-term development and success of the Oxford region as a place to live and work.


Part of the University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, TheHill, an innovation catalyst, supports digital health innovation adoption in the NHS to improve efficiency and effectiveness, empower staff and benefit patients.

Headington Science Cluster

The Headington Science Cluster is a group of organisations, including the Trust, that have joined together to support the innovation in digital health and life sciences in the Headington area.

Education & engagement

Science Oxford’s STEM education programme aims to engage young people in science and technology. We run activities for primary aged children – in the Science Oxford Centre and in schools – and a STEM Careers Programme for secondary school students. Science Oxford’s STEM engagement programme includes a vibrant programme of public events in our Centre.

Science Oxford

Science Oxford is the public-facing brand of The Oxford Trust and delivers our education and engagement programmes.

Science Oxford Centre

The UK’s first indoor-outdoor science education centre is specifically for early years and primary-aged children their teachers and families.

Science Oxford in your school

We create and deliver a wide range of science workshops and shows that enrich the science & technology curricula in primary schools in our region.

STEM Careers Programme

Our Science Oxford STEM Careers Programme encourages secondary school students to make positive choices about careers in science and tech.

Public Engagement Programme

Science Oxford’s public engagement programme includes Family Days in our Science Oxford Centre and regular science and creative computing clubs.

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Accessing Science Fund

The Oxford Trust’s Accessing Science Fund has been set up to improve access to science learning for all.

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Escalator Support Programme

Our Escalator Support Programme offers cost effective space in our innovation centres, including a discounted fee structure, business support, and access to the angel investment.

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Science Oxford Centre

Our Science Oxford Centre is the UK’s first indoor-outdoor science education centre specifically for early years and primary-aged children, their teachers and families.

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STEM Careers Programme

Our Science Oxford STEM Careers Programme for secondary school students encourages positive choices about careers in science and tech.

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