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The Trust strives to place science and entrepreneurship at the heart of culture in our region so that everyone, irrespective of age or background, can develop their scientific and technological knowledge and understanding. Over the past thirty plus years the Trust, in partnership with a wide range of like-minded organisations, has built a supportive bridge between academia and business, created outstanding education programmes and enthused people of all ages about science and technology. It has also helped build the foundations of the successful science economy we see in Oxfordshire today. These are some of our current programmes and initiatives.

Our Innovation Centres

We own the Oxford Centre for Innovation in the heart of Oxford and the new Wood Centre for Innovation in Headington.

Barclays Eagle Lab

In partnership with The Oxford Trust, Barclays runs an Eagle Lab with co-working space and business support at our Wood Centre for Innovation.

The Enterprise Awards

The Oxford Trust Enterprise Awards recognise and celebrate innovation and entrepreneurship across our region.

Science Oxford

Science Oxford is the public-facing brand of the The Oxford Trust and delivers our education and engagement programmes.

Science Oxford Centre

This is the UK’s first indoor-outdoor science education centre is specifically for early years and primary-aged children their teachers and families.

STEM Careers Programme

Our Science Oxford STEM Careers Programme encourages positive choices about careers in science and tech.

Venturefest Oxford

Originally set up by the Trust, this annual event brings together innovators, investors and entrepreneurs from across the region.

Advanced Oxford

Supported in kind by the Trust, Advanced Oxford works to support the long-term development and success of the Oxford region as a place to live and work. Photo credit: EUROfusion

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Our innovation centres

The Oxford Trust owns and runs OCFI and WCFI to provide cost effective office space, labs, workshops and conference and meeting facilities for local science and tech start ups.

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Barclays Eagle Lab

In partnership with The Oxford Trust, Barclays is a launching a new Eagle Lab at our Wood Centre for Innovation (WCFI) at Stansfeld Park.

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Programmes and initiatives

Our programmes and initiatives encourage the pursuit of science and enterprise by linking businesses with the community and by showcasing the amazing scientific work that’s done across our region.

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Science Oxford

Science Oxford is the hands-on public-facing brand of the Trust and delivers our amazing education and engagement programmes.

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