Gatsby announces support for Stansfeld Park

The Gatsby Charitable Foundation is the latest organisation to give their support for the Trust’s new Science Oxford Centre at Stansfeld Park, Headington. Gatsby was founded by Lord Sainsbury in 1967 with an ambitious  plan to make the world a better place by taking on some of the daunting social, economic and scientific challenges that we face. In recent years, the charity has spent around £50m annually on charitable activities, from reducing poverty in Africa to raising standards in scientific and technical education.

One of the core objectives of the foundation is to strengthen science and engineering skills in the UK by developing innovative programmes. Like us, they understand how vital STEM education is to inspiring the innovators of the future – specifically creating a technical education to tackle the shortage of technicians in the workforce. Gatsby also focuses on encouraging technical education and technical careers to open up a world of opportunities for young people who have been poorly served by this country’s education system.

Our Science Oxford Centre will the UK’s first indoor-outdoor science education centre specifically for primary-aged children. We hope to give children the opportunity to experience the excitement of investigation, exploration, experimentation and discovery. We want to show young people that science and technology is cool, can lead to an amazing career, and can change lives. The Science Oxford Centre will enable us to increase our impact and the number of young people we reach across Oxfordshire and the wider region.

Oxfordshire is one of the UK’s most significant centres for science-based research and enterprise so investing in and supporting future generations is critical to maintaining the country’s position at the forefront of research and innovation. Like David Sainsbury, we too hope to make the world a better place.

For more information about our new Science Oxford Centre, see here.