Local MP Anneliese Dodds visits OCFI company

Local MP Anneliese Dodds visited Mirada Medical, the cutting-edge medical imaging company based at OCFI, on Friday. A local start-up that became a global brand, Mirada develops some of the world’s most advanced medical imaging software for use in cancer care.

The shadow minister (Treasury) spoke to CEO Hugh Bettesworth and heard how the company uses artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technology to help cancer specialists to improve their diagnosis and treatment outcomes and deliver faster, more accurate cancer care. By combining information from PET, CT, MR SPECT and planar NM in any combination, Mirada’s software enables doctors to see precisely where tumours are located and monitor their change or spread over the course of the treatment. Anneliese was interested to hear that Mirada’s technology is developed by a dedicated team of 30 plus world-class engineers and scientists based in central Oxford.

She also spoke to David Gudgin of Albion Capital, which has provided the company with substantial investment since 2008. This has allowed the company to invest in global expansion to deliver advanced medical software to over 2000 hospitals worldwide. Millions of cancer patients a year are now monitored using Mirada equipment. Another great OCFI success story!

If you want to find out more about Mirada, visit www.mirada-medical.com