Speed-dating product solutions to social problems

As part of Oxford’s upcoming Marmalade Festival, we have joined forces with product design company Triteq and the Oxford Hackspace to create a hackathon event.

Marmalade is the informal, dynamic, free and open-access fringe event to the Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship. At its heart is the aim of providing a place where collaborative working meets intractable social problems; where people come together to accelerate efforts to make the world a better place and where problems that were previously stuck are unlocked through collective effort. Marmalade takes place from 3–7th April, with events across the city.

Our hackathon, which takes place in the Oxford Hackspace on Thursday April 6th, asks the question ‘Do you have a product idea that could help solve a social problem we face?’ Designed like a rotating speed-dating event, the hackathon is for idea originators (be they start-ups, individual entrepreneurs or members of the public with a great idea) to get face time with designers, prototype creators and business mentors about their product or idea and get advice on the next steps they could take.

Event organiser Insya Abdulhussein, who works for Triteq, says: “Come along to have a chat about your idea, get input into the design process, talk about materials available, prototyping, and small-run options locally, discuss business planning, bounce some ideas off engineers, and generally be pointed in the right direction on all aspects of the product-to-market process. You might be the reason a critical social or environmental challenge is resolved.”

To find out more about the event Speed-dating product solutions to social problems go to www.marmalade.io/events/speed-dating-product-solutions-to-social-problems/

To pre-book a spot on our experts table, please email [email protected]