Triteq sponsoring 2018 Enterprise Awards

We are pleased to announce that Triteq is sponsoring the Young Entrepreneur prize for our 2018 Enterprise Awards.

Triteq works with ideas. More importantly with people who have ideas that have the potential to become life-changing products with a global impact. It is these impeccable innovation credentials that make the company the perfect sponsor of the Young Entrepreneur Award.

The Award recognizes and celebrates the best young founders (under 40) of cutting-edge science and technology companies in the Oxford region. As Angela Hobbs, MD of Triteq, says: “We believe that supporting the Enterprise Awards is an excellent way of recognising these founders and encouraging innovation.”

Triteq is a product design and development consultancy that supports start-ups to develop ideas from concept through to manufacture and every stage in-between. This is how it works. You go to Triteq with an idea or concept; they research it; design it; prototype it; and then they help you get your product to market. In short, they make products happen.

Angela and her team are passionate about helping start-ups and the power of technology to have a social impact. Based in Hungerford, the company has an ever-expanding and talented team of industrial designers, software developers, electronic engineers and prototype specialists that work closely with each client on the innovation process. It is their combination of enthusiasm, knowledge and experience that produces great results for their clients. The company is mainly involved in the development of medical technology and digital health but also works on consumer product design. We are pleased that the company continues to sponsor the Enterprise Awards. Thank you, Triteq!

There will be news on the other sponsors of the Enterprise Awards coming soon…..